Throw Another Log on the Fire: 10 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Even though the winters in Texas are mild compared to other areas of the U.S., for the residents of ARTAVIA™, located just north of Houston in Conroe, there are still days when “the weather outside is frightful.” Fortunately, with some preventative maintenance, being inside can still be delightful! 

These winterizing tactics can also save homeowners money because less electricity and water is used when the home is ready for cooler weather. There are hundreds of tips for getting a home ready for winter, but here are 10 that will make your home warm, cozy and energy efficient. 

Four Tips for Preventive Maintenance Outside

#1 Those lovely fall leaves can wreak havoc in the form of roof drainage and even foundation integrity when they clog gutters. Cleaning out this mess and having the roof inspected are two of the most important maintenance tasks to get ready for winter.

#2 Winterize exterior faucets and sprinkler systems before freezing weather arrives. This can be done by insulating outdoor faucets with foam or towels held tight with a bungee cord. Drain water from irrigation or sprinkler systems and garden hoses to prevent freezing and cracking.

#3 According to this article, this is a great time to fertilize grass and mulch beds “Mow and dethatch your lawn with a rake, aerate and fertilize. Apply fertilizer to beds as well, and then spread mulch. Water well to get the fertilizer into the soil to do its work. This is a good time to plant spring bulbs, like tulips and hyacinths, for added appeal.”

#4 Before winter blows in, check the water drainage in your yard Check outside areas for disconnected downspouts and landscaping that slopes toward your foundation. Add sand or gravel to improve drainage in low areas.

Six Tips for Staying Cozy Inside

#5 Check around windows and doors for drafts and air leaks to prevent heat loss and cold air coming in. Often a homeowner can caulk over trouble areas, but if necessary, a professional can be hired to replace windows.

#6 This is an excellent time to test the furnace and get it serviced if necessary. This might require replacing furnace filters and checking the connection between the furnace and the thermostat.

#7 Air ducts should be cleaned annually and before winter is a good time to take care of this. Hiring a professional HVAC technician who can use “negative pressure” is advisable.

#8 A warm fire on a cold winter night does wonders for the soul. Part of a winterizing effort should include having the fireplace and chimney checked. This involves checking for buildup and ensuring that the damper and flue are functioning properly. If needed, call a professional chimney sweep to come and clear soot and creosote to avoid accidental fires.

#9 Now is a good time to check a dryer to prevent fire. This involves checking the dryer’s lint trap and ductwork and cleaning out any built-up lint or debris. 

#10 With fireplaces roaring and more time spent in the kitchen cooking, this is an excellent time to check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

ARTAVIA™ is a Winter Wonderland

Spending time with family, friends and neighbors, watching movies in a media room or cooking outside, is a cherished tradition in ARTAVIA™ during the winter months. With a little planning and preventative maintenance, the Old Man Winter doesn’t stand a chance! To learn more about the year- round charm of this master-planned community, contact us for more information.

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