Thank you for visiting the campaign page. Much of our activity is on Facebook these days, but this page makes it easy to donate or contact TJ with questions if you’re not on Facebook or other social media.

Since 2004, when TJ began live blogging council meetings, improving resident connections to their government, TJ has always focused on setting a strong vision, protecting property values, quality amenities, and responsive police and fire services. Doing all this while maintaining one of the lowest tax rates in North Texas is what keeps TJ excited about the great city he represents.

Over the past several years, TJ has also built strong relationships with our local, regional, county and state elected officials. Representing Lewisville in discussions of regional and state growth and development are critical to ensure we receive our fair share of resources as well as are recognized for innovative ideas that other leaders can use to strengthen their communities.

His goal as mayor: to strengthen our neighborhoods, organizations, and businesses through dialog and connections. Strong communities are best when the ties between government, business, and the non-profit and faith communities all work together to create a great place to call home.