Take Walk on Colorful Side at ARTAVIA™

Every year, after the holidays, millions of well-meaning people look in the mirror and realize that they are losing the battle of the bulge! It is at this point when they decide to sign up for a gym membership and vow to shed the pounds that Santa Claus delivered. Unfortunately, this worthwhile goal of regular workouts is seldom met and there are good reasons for this.

  • Driving to the gym is inconvenient
  • The facilities are packed and access to equipment is limited
  • Some people just don’t like boredom of working out

The residents of ARTAVIA™, located just north of Houston near Conroe, have an alternative to the drudgery of working out in a gym. They simply lace up their shoes and start walking on manicured community walking trails around the corner from their home, in a lush, natural setting.

Walking is Great Exercise

According to this fitness website, walking is great cardio exercise. “Cardio or aerobic exercise works your large muscles over and over and pushes your heart and lungs to work hard. Over time, this makes your heart stronger – it’s a muscle, after all – and more efficient. This can lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure.”

These experts add that regular cardio exercise can improve your mood, lower stress, give you more energy and stamina, and sharpen mental focus and memory. It can also help you keep off extra weight, improve your cholesterol, build stronger bones and muscles, and lower your risk of diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers. Plus, it can help you sleep better too.

It’s Easy to Get in an Exercise Groove

Homeowners in ARTAVIA™ know firsthand the benefits of walking in a naturally colorful and convenient setting. The advantages are many.

  • There is no expensive, long-term gym membership. All that is needed is a good pair of shoes and you’re ready to rock and roll!
  • There’s no commute. Your workout can take place a few minutes from your home
  • You can do your exercise on your own schedule.
  • It is low impact and easier on your body, so it’s good for people with arthritis or extra weight.
  • There are miles of trails winding their way through the trees and along the boardwalk on the lake.

Most importantly, the residents of ARTAVIATM find that walking in nature is especially good for their mental health. It boosts their mood and creativity and can be a form of meditation.

Come Take a Walk Around ARTAVIA™

There are so many opportunities for an active lifestyle in the colorful, planned community of ARTAVIA™, north of Houston, near Conroe. Contact us for a tour, and don’t forget your walking shoes!

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