Millennials Revolutionize Suburban Living: More Choose Active Communities

According to the Pew Research Center, millennials include those born between 1981 and 1996. As of 2024, most millennials are ages 28 to 43, making them the ideal age to purchase a home (or upgrade their existing one). In total, over 72 million Americans are millennials, making this the largest generation in the country.

In the late 2000s and early 2010s, thousands of millennials participated in the back-to-the-city movement, which involved a huge shift toward city centers like Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. However, this trend has since reversed course, and millennials are once again leading the charge.

Today, the number of millennials moving to suburbs has risen dramatically for several reasons.

Why Millennials Moving to Suburbs Is the New Normal

The Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCFS) of Harvard University detailed millennials’ shift from cities to suburban communities. Researchers have identified four main factors behind this trend.


The urban population explosion drove up rent and mortgage costs, making it difficult for many to afford the homes they want. Harvard researchers found that affordability was one of the biggest motivations leading millennials to give up big-city living.


The price tag on homes wasn’t the only factor at play. Moving to suburban areas provides millennials more bang for their buck. They can get more house at a lower price point.


Some people are leaving big cities in hopes of enjoying a stronger sense of community. The “small-town” nature of suburban life offers more opportunities for residents to connect with other people who have similar interests and values.


The hustle of the big city can be fun and exciting for a while, but it can also be overwhelming. Transitioning away from densely populated city centers gives home buyers a chance to enjoy life at a slower pace.

How the Millennial Migration Will Impact the Suburban Real Estate Market

The Millennial migration has already made a huge impact on the suburban real estate market, driving up values and reducing the number of available homes for sale. With interested buyers exceeding the number of available homes on the market, the Houston area is firmly entrenched in a seller’s market.

In response, many home builders are ramping up production to meet the demand for suburban homes. The Housing Market Index (HMI), which measures home builder sentiment, reached 48 in February 2024, which marks a four-point increase from the month prior. A score of 50 or higher indicates that builders are optimistic about market conditions for new construction.

However, it can take a while for supply to catch up with demand, which means that millennials moving to the suburbs should act fast when they find a residence they love.

What Millennials Are Looking for in a Community

Many millennials moving to suburbs prioritize neighborhoods that offer an abundance of amenities, value sustainability, and include opportunities for engagement with others in the community.  Some of the most popular neighborhoods include these features:

  • Health and Wellness Amenities like pools, walking trails, and community fitness centers
  • Social Engagement offerings including organized neighborhood events and attractive community spaces that encourage spontaneous gatherings.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices such as recycling programs, homes built following energy efficiency guidelines, waterwise landscaping, and more.

Millennials are health and environment-conscious. They also place a lot of value on social engagement opportunities. Many members of this generation are craving a chance to slow down and want to get away from the hustle of big cities. Communities that offer all of these amenities will draw in home-buyers, especially those who are part of America’s largest generation.

However, the most innovative communities are doing more than simply checking a few boxes on home buyers’ wish lists. Communities like ARTAVIA are building immersive experiences that offer everything from outdoor activities to fitness resources and even dining opportunities.

FAQs on Millennials Moving to the Suburbs

Are Millennials Moving to the Suburbs?

Yes, thousands of millennials are leaving the cities and moving to the suburbs. This trend has impacted communities across the country, increasing the demand for affordable homes adjacent to big city centers.

Why Do So Many People Move to the Suburbs?

The suburbs allow people to stay close to large cities and the amenities they provide while also offering better affordability and bigger homes. Individuals who want a larger living space, yard, and the sense of community that comes with neighborhood living may find the suburbs appealing.

Why Are Millennials Moving to the Suburbs?

Everyone has their own reasons for moving to the suburbs. However, some common motivations for millennials to move to the suburbs include access to top schools, more affordable homes, a slower pace of life, access to community amenities, and the opportunity to live in a close-knit community with others.

What Is a Suburban Lifestyle?

A suburban lifestyle offers a happy medium between city and rural living. Typically, suburban communities offer larger living spaces and greater access to single-family dwellings, as opposed to apartments, condos, and other unit-style homes found in the city.

The suburbs also offer a lower population density and less congestion, which can be appealing to people interested in a slower pace of life.

ARTAVIA: A Millenial Magnet

Situated on over 2,800 acres in the Montgomery County/Conroe, TX area, ARTAVIA represents a reimagining of the suburban community, featuring ARTscapes that enhance the naturally wooded environment, spark curiosity, and provide residents with a one-of-a-kind experience that brings neighbors closer to nature and each other. The community also features homes in a wide variety of styles and designs from multiple home builders.

ARTAVIA is located north of the Grand Parkway, midway between I-45 and US 59N and east of FM 1314 on SH 242, giving you easy access to the area’s best shops, restaurants, medical and employment options. However, you will want to spend most of your time in this active community where numerous neighborhood events are hosted to bring neighbors together.

Dapple Park is at the heart of ARTAVIA, offering a community park that includes a lake with paddle boats, 24/7 FitCenter, Splash Pad, Palate Cafe, and more!

Explore available homes in Conroe at ARTAVIA and welcome to the suburbs.

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