What To Consider Before Launching Your Dream Home Search

If you’re ready to start looking for your dream home, congratulations!

But keep in mind that your perfect home is more than just walls and a roof. It’s a place where you’ll spend a lot of time. So before you start the search for your ideal domicile, consider some of the following.

Age and Shape

While you might love the idea of a charming, older house with its intriguing nooks and crannies, there’s another side. Namely, such a home might require a lot of repairs and replacements. This might be okay if you like DIY projects or if you have the funds for improvements. If not, or if your idea of a perfect house is one with large closets, state-of-the-art amenities and less fixing up, newer construction might be best.

Lot Size

You can make changes to a house you buy. But you can’t change the size of the lot on which that house sits. So think about what makes sense for you when it comes to the acreage’s dimensions (and shape). Consider your lifestyle and how lot size might fit into it. If you have a lot of kids and a dog or two, a large yard might be the perfect thing. On the other hand, do you hate the idea of mowing a lot of grass or pool maintenance? If so, perhaps consider housing situated on less land and without an outdoor pool or spa.

Space and Layout

Square footage differs from home to home. One 2,000-square-foot house might feature a large kitchen and smaller living space, while another offers four smaller bedrooms versus three larger ones. Again, be sure to think about your lifestyle when it comes to not just size, but also layout. If you entertain a great deal, an open floor plan might be ideal. Larger kitchens with a dining nook might be your game if your family likes to gather in that room. Need privacy? Consider a more traditional floorplan and layout.

Neighborhood and Area

You certainly want your dream home to be in a safe neighborhood with good neighbors. But community considerations should encompass much more. If your perfect home vision involves quiet serenity with a lot of trees, avoid looking in or near large cities or busy suburbs. Is walkability important? If yes, consider neighborhoods with plenty of sidewalks or hiking trails that offer an easy stroll to area amenities. Before looking at houses, research your neighborhoods of interest. Drive there, look around, and maybe eat and shop in local restaurants and stores to get an idea of what to expect as a community resident.

The upshot of the above is that your dream home should be more than just about the house. Take the time to consider all facets of owning that home before you hop on Zillow or engage a Realtor. With such knowledge in hand, you’ll find a home that checks every box.

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