The Burning Question of Summer: What Wine Goes Well with Barbeque?

After a warm day when the sun finally sets behind the towering loblolly pines, many of the residents of ARTAVIA™, a master-planned community north of Houston in Conroe, prepare for a mouth-watering, gastronomical adventure. Grilling meals outside has become one of the bright spots of the current trend of staying home, rather than going out to eat.

Whether it is something as simple as hamburgers or hotdogs, or as extravagant as pork ribs that might require several hours of preparation, barbeque is a Texas tradition and that spicy aroma that comes from the combination of rubs, sauces and smoke demands something interesting and refreshing to drink. There was a time when the outdoor chef would fall back on the traditional beverages for a meal of barbeque – iced tea, beer or soft drinks. However, there is a trend toward pairing wines with these savory meats. 

The experts at Wine Enthusiast (WE) have weighed in on that most important question for wine and barbeque lovers.

What Wine Goes Best with What Meat?

One of the most important things to remember when pairing a wine with grilled fare is that it is not necessary to be a sommelier – someone who is an expert on wine. Personal taste is always the final criteria for any choices of wine. 

As noted by WE, “The key to successful wine-food pairing for outdoor dining is simplicity. Don’t choose a wine that requires too much thought because the setting doesn’t call for that. The wines should fit the food, but they should also fit the casual mood of the gathering.”

That being noted, the different types of meat will suggest different types of wine and here are some general thoughts on that selection.

Get Ahead with Red

Is pork or salmon on the menu? Many wine experts feel that Pinot Noir – from Oregon, the Russian River Valley or Burgundy – is the best pairing. According to WE, “The richer flavors rely on the Pinot Noir for weight and texture though they would get blotted out by heavier wines like Cabernet, Petit Sirah, or Barolo. Smoked meats – especially those with a bacon accent -are also best served with Pinot Noir, playing off the smoky, tea-leaf flavors of the wine.”
Barbeque staples like hamburgers, steak, barbecued ribs, or beef tenderloin, taste better with the BIG REDS such as Bordeaux, California Cabernet, and Barolo. Different spices can alter this general pairing formula. If the spice from the rub or sauce makes the dish “hot,”  better choices might be Zinfandel, Australian Shiraz or Argentine Malbec.

Reach for Rose’

Whether it is slightly chilled or normal temperature, Rose’ is a great wine for casual summer dining in Texas. WE notes that these wines have a bit more acidity than white wines to battle the grilled flavors of the food. “Among the easy favorites in this category are Bandol from Provence, Tavel from the Rhône Valley, and some interesting rosé wines from California made from the Sangiovese grape.”

White Might Be Right

If the grill master is cooking up chicken or grilled fish, white wine should definitely be considered for the pairing. Wine experts suggest that the high acidity in Sauvignon Blanc pairs perfectly in this role. A white Burgundy or another Chardonnay should be served with the fattier fish, like tuna, trout, or rockfish. Chardonnay’s also the best pick for veggie burgers, and sometimes regular hamburgers that have a mushroom sauce.

Summer is Sparkling

It is impossible to go wrong serving sparkling wine in the summer. It’s another delicious way to beat the heat. Good choices for gilling are Prosecco or Cava, or maybe a light-bodied California bubbly.

Living Large in ARTAVIA™

Residents of ARTAVIA™ have lots to do during the day. They can enjoy the miles of trails winding their way through the trees and along the boardwalk to Dapple Park and the Amenity Center.

And when the sun goes down, there’s always that smell of summer. It’s the scent of barbecue on the grill and the best way to describe it is “numm.”

For more information on moving up to ARTAVIA™ contact us and get ready to fire up the grill!.

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