ARTAVIA®, a new-home community located in Montgomery County, has miles of on-site trails with Artscapes that combine lush, inspired landscaping with unique art installations. The trails were designed to inspire reflection and curiosity, while conveniently leading homeowners to the heart of the community, Dapple Park™.

If you are looking to bike and hike for a longer period outside of ARTAVIA, the surrounding areas offer plenty of opportunities for you to stretch your legs while viewing some pretty terrific landscapes. Whether you want an all-day nature adventure or plan to spend an hour or two on the urban side, these hike and bike trails near ARTAVIA offer something for everyone.

Wandering through the Wildlife

ARTAVIA is a master-planned community located near majestic forests and stunning vistas, all within less than a 20-minute drive—and all offering a variety of hike-and-bike trails at a variety of intensities and skill levels.

Here are some of the more popular locations.

Sam Houston National Forest

The Sam Houston National Forest, spanning 163,037 acres and sprawls between Huntsville on the north and Montgomery on the south, while being bordered by Richards and New Waverly on the west and east, respectively. This massive forest features the 129-miles Lone Star Hiking Trail, which takes you through various flora and fauna. You can find several trailheads around Lake Conroe.

William Goodrich Jones State Forest

The 1,733-acre W.G. Jones State Forest in Conroe is a “demonstration forest,” and one of the largest working urban forests in the United States. Trailheads and trails abound throughout the wooded growth. Two such trails include the Middle Lake Trail Loop and Sweetleaf Nature Trail.

Lake Houston Wilderness Park

Situated just east of New Caney, the 5,000-acre Lake Houston Wilderness Park offers more than 20 miles of trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding. Select from trails of varying intensity, all of which provide views of forests, wilderness and native habitats.

George Mitchell Nature Preserve

The 1,800-acre George Mitchell Nature Preserve is in The Woodlands Township, and appropriately honors the township’s founder. The preserve boasts more than 220 miles of hike and bike trails, and the preserve itself is part of the developing Montgomery County Spring Creek Greenway.

Traveling through the Urban Outdoors

Many of the area’s trails are located in some terrific parks. These offer a breath of fresh air (literally!) in the midst of the urban lifestyle. Unlike their nature-oriented counterparts, many of these paths are paved.

Here are some of the more noteworthy park-oriented paths.


Carl Barton Junior Park Loop. Carl Barton Jr. Park is Conroe’s largest park, clocking in at 201 acres. Within that vast acreage is a two-mile path that is perfect for less-stressful hiking and biking experiences.

Kasmierisky Park Loop. Also situated in Conroe, the 10-acre Kasmiersky Park is one of the city’s oldest. The park has expanded over the years, and among its offerings are a half-mile walking-jogging loop.


Lake Woodlands Trail. At 4.6 miles long, the Lake Woodlands Trail is easy to traverse and is ideal for those with mobility issues.

Woodlands Waterway Trail. The 2.9-mile-long Woodlands Waterway Trail follows both banks of The Woodlands’ Waterway. The trail provides view of the Waterway, while offering access to many of the township’s public parks.

Grogan’s Mills Nature Trail. The 2.1-mile Grogan’s Mills Nature Trail travels through an urban greenbelt forest, while skirting the Woodlands Golf Club and bridging Panther Creek.

Interested in living with miles of trails outside your door? Visit the ARTAVIA website to view available homes and to learn more about the community!

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