Four Ways To Keep The Cold Where It Belongs: Outdoors

One main benefit of living in ARTAVIA is its southeast Texas locale. Why? Two words: Mild winters. Owning a new home helps with efficiency and energy savings.

But “mild” doesn’t mean “100% free from cold.” As anyone who lives in and around the Houston area can attest to, winter days can see temperature dips from cool, to cold, to freezing. As outdoor temperatures drop, indoor climates and comfort can be impacted.

Owning a newly constructed home helps with efficiency and energy savings. Homebuilders in ARTAVIA provide many energy efficiency options. But if you don’t live in an energy efficient home, there are inexpensive, simple ways to keep colder weather outdoors during chilly winter days, while keeping the inside warm and comfortable. Here are four tried-and-true methods to do just that:

1) Seal the Windows

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy loss through windows is responsible for up to 30% of heating use. The following can help minimize that loss:

Window insulation film. Window insulation film is an -efficient method to keep homes warm in the winter, especially when used with single-pane windows. The product offers many varieties, from direct on-glass application to installation on window frames.

Caulking and/or weatherstripping. Over time, caulking seals between interior window sills and walls can crack and split, making a perfect conduit for those cold drafts. Removing loose caulking from around the window frame then re-applying fresh caulk or sealant strips can block drafts and keep the cold air out.

2) Pay Attention to Front and Rear Doors

While windows often get blamed for drafts, don’t forget about your front and back doors. Worn weatherstripping and/or door sweeps provide ideal access for outside air. Foam tape or insulation can be applied to the tops and sides of your doors to block that entryway. Meanwhile, using draft stoppers or installing new door sweeps can plug the ever-growing gap between the bottom of your doors and their thresholds.

3) Turn on Those Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are hugely beneficial during the summer months, as they help keep interiors quite cool. Did you know these same fans are helpful during the winter? Setting them to rotate clockwise, on a low speed, creates an updraft. This, in turn, takes the warm air trapped against the ceiling, and funnels it throughout your living spaces.

4) Regularly Replace Furnace Filters

During the summertime, our air conditioners get a lot of love and attention. On the other hand, our furnaces might not receive as much interest, as they aren’t used quite so often. But it’s important to treat your furnace right by replacing the filter often; generally once a month is optimal. A dirty filter means increased dust on the appliance and restricted airflow which, in turn, can prevent much-needed heat from swirling around your space.

While the Houston area is known more for warm, humid weather, don’t be fooled. Winter chill is a fact of life in southeast Texas. The tips above are inexpensive and easy to implement. But these straightforward solutions lead to a warmer, more comfortable home during the cooler winter months.

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