Five Steps To Prep Your AC For The Summer

Spring has arrived, as demonstrated by gorgeous wildflowers, lots of sun, and pleasant days and nights. Springtime also means summer is just around the corner. Now is a good time to make sure that one of your most important appliances—the air conditioner—is functional and operational just in time for that first heat wave.

If you are dealing with an older, aging home and an equally outdated air conditioner, you might consider the benefits of moving to a new construction home. New homes in ARTAVIA contain newer, more efficient cooling equipment.

If you aren’t ready for a move, one action to take is to contact your air conditioning specialist. He or she can do the heavy lifting when it comes to checking and repairing your system.

Here are five steps you can also take to bring your system from dormancy to full functionality. Just a note: Before starting any examination or maintenance of your system, be sure to turn off the circuit to your AC unit.

1. Change the indoor filter

That indoor filter becomes clogged on a regular basis with dust, pet hair, dander and other stuff. This causes your air conditioner to work that much harder. Changing the filter is a simple task that can make a world of difference when it comes to climate control.

2. Clean and clear indoor vents

Duct vents are also magnets for dust and debris. And, similar to filters, dirty ones impact system performance. Remove the vents and clean them with soap and water. At the same time, run your vacuum in and around the ducts’ entrances. A full duct cleaning could also be of benefit; talk to your AC expert to schedule one.

3. Remove debris from the condenser

The outdoor air-conditioning condenser is a magnet for twigs, dead leaves and other trash. Stuff against the condenser panels impedes air flow, which can create problems with your unit. Remove the debris with a broom, and trim bushes and plants back from the condenser.

4. Check the coolant pipes

While your air conditioning expert should add or replace coolant, you can check the pipe and its insulation. Keep an eye out for leaks, and check that the insulation sleeve isn’t frayed. Report any problems to the service professional.

5. Clean the condenser’s interior

Remove the condenser’s top and side panels (also known as protective grills), taking care not to tug or move wires attached to the fan. Then use a soft brush or refrigerator brush on the coils. You can also blast dirt from the coils, using either a commercial coil cleaner or hose with a trigger nozzle. There are a few caveats here. First, be careful not to bend the metal fins. Second, clean from the “inside out.” And third, keep water or other fluids away from the electronical components.

Taking a little time now to check and maintain your air conditioning unit can help ensure cool comfort all summer long. And if you’re interested in spending that cool comfort in a new home in Conroe, TX, check out the newest inventory at ARTAVIA by visiting

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