Explore Trails in Conroe From Hiking to Working Out

Conroe, TX is a nature lover’s paradise with an abundance of natural beauty. With several state parks only a short drive away from the city, there are many opportunities for hiking, biking, and exercise trails to enjoy. Below you will find all the information you need to get out and enjoy nature, from trail recommendations to how to pack for your trip.

 Hiking Trails in Conroe, TX

One of the most recommended hiking trails located in W.G. Jones State Park, just a 20-minute drive from ARTAVIA® is the Middle Lake Trail. The trail is ranked as an easy short forest trail suitable for the whole family. It’s an out-and-back trail that features a serene lake with plenty of picnic spots to enjoy a well-deserved lunch.

Biking Trails in Conroe

If hiking isn’t so much your speed, try one of the scenic biking trails around Conroe. George Bush State Park offers many great bike trails, but a favorite is the Brays Bayou Greenway Trail, offering a beautiful, but lengthy ride for bikers. Under an hour away by car, Brays Bayou Greenway Trail follows a peaceful creek and is a Conroe resident favorite!

Working Out Trails in Conroe

Among the considerable number of trails in the Conroe area, there are several that are not just for hiking or biking. Many of the trails within the surrounding state parks of Conroe also offer spaces to include some strengthening fitness exercise into your workout. The W.G. Jones State Forest Loop Trail and the Candy Cane Park Fitness Trail both offer spots for fitness training along the way so that you can enjoy strength and cardio workouts simultaneously while experiencing the beauty of nature.

Tips for Exploring Conroe’s Trails

It is always important to be prepared, especially if you plan to spend the day outside with a group or are going on a solo excursion. Make sure to be mindful of the following:

  1. The weather—be prepared for rain or shine! Bring lots of sunscreen and something to shield you from the rain should you need it.
  2. Bring lots of water! You want to make sure you stay hydrated to last you your entire excursion.
  3. Follow all trail guidelines. Keep nature beautiful so that everyone has the chance to enjoy it! Always be mindful of the guidelines and markings while on the trails.

Get outside and start enjoying all the scenic trails and nature surrounding Conroe, TX.

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