Moving to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas? Find Affordable New Homes in DFW

Moving to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas? Find Affordable New Homes in DFW
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Are you moving to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas for a new job or a lower cost of living? You aren’t alone. Between July and September 2022, 3% of homebuyers nationwide searched to move into the DFW metropolitan area, and 81% of homebuyers already in the area searched to stay here. The most significant number of people came from Los Angeles, California. 

Once you’ve decided on DFW, the question is how to find a new home. In DFW, you can drive for three hours in any direction and see over one hundred different cities. But do you want to spend all your time on the road?

Grenadier homes has located its communities throughout the metroplex. With a focus on lifestyle, these homes bring memorable spaces and great city life to the neighborhoods we create.   

Why Dallas-Fort Worth?

If you count Dallas and Fort Worth together, the DFW metroplex has the highest population of any city in the southern United States. DFW is a vibrant, multicultural community with something for everyone. If you’re looking for city life, you’ll find it. If you prefer a more leisurely, family pace, you can find that too. DFW is an economic hotspot with abundant jobs. 

DFW is growing rapidly. Between 2010 and 2019, the area gained 1,349,378 residents. Some came for the cost of living, which is lower than in many metropolitan areas in the country. Homeownership is attainable, with home prices below those in many large cities. It’s green, too, with the largest urban forest in the country. Summers get quite hot, but the tradeoff is that winters are very mild. 

What to Look for When Buying a New House

One of the best places to start your DFW new home search is with a good school district for kids, universities for higher education, and easy access to your job and highways. Many neighborhoods in DFW fit that definition, but do they have the home style you want?

In DFW, the smaller bungalows of the 1940s have given way to larger new homes in the suburbs. Single-family detached homes are abundant, but they are no longer as affordable, and it is increasingly hard to get to everything within 20 minutes.

Where do you look for a new high-quality DFW home that is convenient for everything and a manageable size? If you’re moving to Fort Worth, Texas, or Dallas, finding a new home doesn’t need to be complicated. Grenadier Homes builds communities in some of the best places to live in DFW. They give you convenience, the size you need, and a list of neighborhood amenities that has something for everyone. 

Grenadier Homes Designs Unique and Memorable Spaces

Grenadier’s DFW master-planned communities, such as Woodbridge in Wylie, Windsong Ranch in Prosper, or Mira Lagos in Grand Prairie, deliver a big-neighborhood family lifestyle with all the amenities. They also offer luxury townhomes for empty nesters and busy single people who need less space.

Our designs foster a sense of community in all the neighborhoods we build. We create spaces to enjoy life. To hear the birds, the wind rustling the leaves, and the voices of neighbors who quickly become friends. Grenadier Homes has thought of your four-legged friend, too, designing pet-friendly amenities in all of our communities.

Why Buy a Grenadier Home?

Grenadier plans our neighborhoods to fit your lifestyle. We have the perfect home for you, whatever your stage of life. Our showcase homes give you quality amenities that suit your style and deliver beauty within your budget, or you can customize your home in our state-of-the-art design center

We believe in building homes where you can live your best life. We provide unique craftsman details, striking architecture, and unique finishing details. Each home receives a Build Quality Confirmation (BQC) inspection before move-in. Your home gets an unbiased third-party walk-thorough that ensures that everything from paint, sheetrock, and flooring to windows, doors, outlets, and even closet rods meet our quality standards. 

We design Grenadier’s space-efficient floorplans for energy efficiency, with third-party certification by TexEnergy Solutions/U.S. Eco Logic, a home energy rating company that certifies homes as ENERGY STAR. In 2020, ENERGY STAR and its partners saved $40 billion in homeowner energy costs nationwide. 

Ready to start searching for your new DFW home in a Grenadier community with quick access to Metroplex hot spots? Check out our communities and available homes on our website, or contact us today to learn about Grenadier Townhomes and Villas.


Is it a good time to buy a home in DFW?

The time to buy a house is when your budget, down payment savings, and credit score are in order. Once you’ve determined that your finances are ready, it’s time to consider where and whether to buy. 

DFW is the #3 Best Place to Live in Texas. The DFW area has lower prices than many U.S. metropolitan areas, and its affordable housing has created a homeownership rate of 64.7%, higher than the national average. Neighborhoods throughout the city offer ready access to culture and entertainment.

Is Fort Worth, Dallas a good place to live?

The population growth rates in the DFW metroplex indicate that many people looking to move find the area attractive, whether they’re thinking of living in Fort Worth, Texas, or Dallas. Here are a few reasons:

  • Mild winters
  • Reasonable housing prices
  • Abundant urban green spaces
  • Great schools
  • A diverse, multicultural population
  • Plentiful jobs
  • Cultural opportunities of many kinds

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