Goals and Issues

Community Engagement

Transparency and communications have been hallmarks of my public service. I started live-blogging council meetings in 2004 and began doing video summaries in 2018. My ‘Compact Council’ Facebook Live video reviews include answering questions from residents during these 30-minute summaries of important Lewisville governmental news.

As Mayor I would elevate these hallmarks to further broadcast the council’s goals, and more importantly, to be in the public to listen to their goals and needs and build a stronger community. Whether through technology or in person- I have a history of accessibility that will serve citizens well as mayor.

Lewisville will be one of the 25 largest communities in Texas with the annexation of Castle Hills in 2022. The Mayor represents our goals and needs to local, county, regional, and State officials year-round. I have extensive relationships with our not-for-profit community, our business community, our county, region, and state. This ensures that Lewisville is connected and can help, as we have done by providing the funding and personnel to man a large segment of the Denton County COVID-19 vaccination response, and ensure we have a voice in issues that impact all our residents.

2025 and Upcoming 2035 Vision Plan

My intent is to continue supporting the community driven 2025 Vision plan and its refinement to 2035 which is ongoing. As one of the original voices for creating a new city Vision after the 2010 community goals program had ended the city has a consistent set of measurable goals that were laid out by hundreds of hours of community meetings and is reviewed regularly by a citizen committee to ensure what the city is doing is still relevant to resident needs.  This extensive program created nine big moves that deal with everything from green space to strong neighborhoods, to attracting quality businesses and being more efficient with tax dollars.

As Mayor- my goal for the continuation of the 2025 Vision would be to use the platform of the office of the mayor to continue to press forward with these resident created and centered goals and to listen and work with council to add new pieces as needed and identified. I take this program personally as I have had the opportunity to be one of its biggest proponents for over a decade.

Lake Park

in 2025 the city resets its 25-year lease with the US Army Corps of Engineers who owns the vast majority of what we know as Lake Park.

My vision for this space is to work with developers, residents, and our parks department to upgrade one of the largest lake amenities on Lewisville Lake. My hope: we can revive this space to become Lewisville’s “great lawn”- where large events can be staged with easy access, while still maintaining the amenities so many enjoy today, and adding new ones, with a higher level of quality that our residents deserve. We cannot let this once in a generation opportunity pass us by.

Castle Hills Annexation

I have spent the last five years building relationships in the Castle Hills community. This development has been planned to be part of Lewisville since 1996. Council has spent the last 3 years reviewing the structure of our governance for when we add Castle Hills to Lewisville.  I personally have attended council meetings of over thirty-five different North Texas municipalities and firmly believe that a residential district model of governing is best for a growing Lewisville.

Residential Districts require council members to live in specific districts but also be voted on by all the city. This strikes the needed balance of representing all Lewisville residents without the downside of single member districts that create ‘us vs them’ gridlock in so many of the single member district cities I have personally visited.

Lewisville needs a mayor with a track record of inclusiveness and outreach, not politics, who ensures all are welcomed and understands that we work together for the common good of our Lewisville. In fact, this governance change upon the annexation of Castle Hills is already on the May 1st ballot for residents to approve. It is important to be connected to your city to know that big decisions take time and input.