Beat the Bastrop Heat: Safety Tips

August 11, 2023 3:02 pm Published by

Texas has been setting new heat records this year, and it looks like we’re in for several more weeks of 100+ temps. It is more important than ever to stay safe outside and truly beat the heat. Here are some tips to help you avoid common heat issues.

First and foremost, never leave pets or people unattended in a car. This one should go without saying, but yearly we hear news about little ones and dogs left alone in hot cars. We can all do our part to care for those special people and pets in our lives!

Check the weather before you go out. Bastrop has had 100 degree temperatures almost every day in July and August (crazy, right?). So prepare by taking a refillable water bottle, sunscreen, and first-aid kit just in case.

Drink lots of water, even if you will only be gone for a short time. You might consider adding some electrolytes to boost your ability to hold on to hydration. You can find powdered versions in to-go packets — pour into a water bottle, shake, and drink. Try to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and sugary drinks because they actually cause dehydration.

How you dress can make or break your time in the heat! Believe it or not, more clothing is often better than less! Cover up with lightweight, loose, and light-colored clothing. Try long-sleeved linen or thin cotton shirts and pants or long shorts, especially if you’ll be outside for a long time, for cotton is a breathable material that allows heat to escape your body. Plus, you’ll be less vulnerable to sunburn. You can even find UPF-rated clothes that protect you like sunscreen does but without the mess. And don’t forget your noggin! Your head is particularly sensitive, so try a lightweight hat that breathes and protects.

Stay in the shade as much as possible. That may seem like a no-brainer, but it can be easy to forget when you’re outside working or playing. Remember to find shade during the hottest part of the day and avoid strenuous activities during peak heat hours. Also, use cooling towels and misting fans to help stay cool.

Use SPF 30 or higher sunscreen before you go outside, even if you’re just going to be in the car. You’ve heard of farmer’s tan, right? Well, there’s also a driver’s tan! So avoid premature aging, wrinkles, and a higher risk of skin cancer wherever you are. Consider a physical or mineral sun blocker with zinc oxide for kids, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Recognize the signs of heat-related illness. Watch for dizziness, headache, rapid pulse, nausea, confusion, heart palpitations, and high body temperature. Seek immediate medical aid if any of those happen. And don’t try to force down water or a cold drink if anyone shows signs of heat exhaustion because that will actually make it worse. Infants, young children, seniors, the chronically ill, and overweight are most at risk.

Remember to stay safe wherever you are — like when you’re enjoying the exclusive parks, trails, and pools here at The Colony! Contact us today to find your new home where fun in the sun is always an option.

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This post was written by Jennifer Haveman